About ITS&S

The main goal of ITS&S is to achieve fast development of road, railway, waterway and air telematics and thus provide technical, economic and ecological benefits to society and also to association members.

For this purpose ITS&S in particular:

Creates an information platform and provides an information service in the field of transport telematics for the exchange of information among different types of organizations (government and local authorities, automotive industry, technology and service providers, communications operators, universities and research centres, system integrators, transporters, construction companies).
Systematically popularises its activities in the Czech Republic and abroad and establishes contacts with similar foreign organizations (ERTICO, ITS associations etc.). It represents the membership in the Network of National ITS Associations (ITS nationals).
Supports the business interests of members of the association abroad and forms the unified face of the Czech telematics industry export policy. It provides joint presentations abroad.
Organizes educational activities and cooperates with government and local authorities in providing information services, professional education and retraining and in beating unemployment.
Establishes new partnerships, cooperates with other business pools, chambers of commerce and associations.
Increases the knowledge of its members in the field of harmonization of Czech and EU telematics standards. ITS&S cooperates with the coordinators of the telematics branch of the CEN278 and ISO204 technical committees and brings the results of standardization into practice.
Acts as an integrating factor in all modes of transport while helping to coordinate ITS activities and projects. It provides advisory and consulting services to members on issues related to business activities in the field of transport telematics. It cooperates in the development of expert opinions.
Cooperates with the government and local authority bodies in the development and support of research, development and business activities of its members and in the implementation of development plans of the concerned government and local authority bodies.