Transport telematics

Transport Telematics (ITS, Intelligent Transport Systems and Services) integrates information and telecommunication technologies with transport engineering under the support of other related industry (economy, traffic theory, systems engineering etc.) in order to provide for the existing traffic infrastructure an advanced systems of control of traffic and transport processes enhancing the transport performance, traffic efficiency, road safety and comfort of transportation etc.

The main objective of transport telematics is to provide users with intelligent services, which must be considered at several levels:

Services for passengers and drivers (users) information on the current state of transport infrastructure (closures, congestion, emergencies), information on transport connections, information presented to drivers through information systems on motorways and in conurbations (Variable-message sign, Road Line Traffic Control), current traffic information in the media (radio, television), providing traffic information to drivers directly to the vehicle (dynamic navigation, cooperative systems C-ITS) etc.
Services for infrastructure managers (transport infrastructure managers, transport terminal managers) monitoring the quality of transport infrastructure and its management (technical and economic), transport infrastructure maintenance management (summer, winter), traffic safety monitoring and management etc.
Services for transport operators (carriers) choice of the most suitable route (with regard to its profile or impact on the environment, dynamic control), vehicle position monitoring and fleet management (observance of prescribed maintenance and breaks), remote vehicle diagnostics, priority of public transport at intersections etc.
Services for public administration connection of ITS systems to public administration information systems, monitoring and evaluation of passenger and cargo transport (observance of public transport timetables, observance of prescribed dangerous goods route), transport infrastructure financing solutions (electronic toll, electronic highway vignettes), tools for the implementation of transport policies of cities, regions and the state.
Services for integrated rescue system (IRS) interconnection of ITS systems to IRS and state security systems, effective organization of interventions in liquidation of accidents, breakdowns, improvement of prevention of emergencies, priority of IRS vehicles at intersections etc.
Services for financial and control institutions (insurance companies, leasing companies etc.) electronic identification of vehicles and cargo, tracking and tracing of stolen vehicles, electronic payments for ITS services etc.

The result of system application of transport telematics tools is the creation of information superstructure over transportation which will enable efficient management and administration of transport infrastructure, transport processes and economically advantageous use of current resources - transport infrastructure, vehicles etc.